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Three Plone addons – part 3 : CKEditor for Plone

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Three Plone addons – part 3 : CKEditor for Plone

Why Plone4 is so cool ? because you can create easily new addons in a pure python way, look at this new addon  called « CKEditor for Plone ».

A screencast here :

More information here :

Some lines of code are used to take original ckeditor svn code and place it in a Zope browser resource (because Zope is really strict about XML/XHTML we must do this little work, i hope i could replace it by a simple svn-externals in future).

Other lines of code are here to call dependencies (collective.plonefinder to search server resources, collective.quickupload for fast upload, see previous posts).

A small javascript « select resources » code is here to communicate with Collective Plone Finder.

The most part of code is CKEditor Plone control panel because it’s important for managers to allow or disallow features, toolbars, or some plugins on their Plone site.

The last part of code is the CKEditor integration in plone wysiwyg templates.

Hmm, that’s all.

Some people ask me, why CKEditor ? Plone4 has Tiny MCE …

Because :

– CKEditor is fast (really fast)

– CKEditor is accessible (

– because i’m a FCKeditor’s friend since 10 years, Fred (Frederico Caldeira Knabben) had no chance, his initials offend some English spoken people, now than the software name is more accessible perhaps more people will be interested in its features ?

– Plone needs to be good but it also needs to have reliable addons, and CKEditor cames with a good Plone integration (relax with collective.plonefinder and collective.quickupload)


Written by macadames

24, septembre 2010 à 11:05

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  1. you rocks my friend !!


    26, septembre 2010 at 5:17

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