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Three Plone addons – part 2 : Collective Plone Finder

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Three Plone addons – part 2 : Collective Plone Finder

Collective Plone Finder is a tool for Plone developpers that can be used to find and select elements in a Plone site. The pypi name is « collective.plonefinder » with one dependency called « collective.quickupload »

It’s a widget’s helper, and you will find in the code a simple form lib widget, it’s an example of how you can use this product. In the README.TXT, you will find a way to use the formlib widget in a Plone portlet.

In this screencast, CPF is used in a portlet named « CG30 Direct Access Portlet » (CG30 is a client) :

The goal of Collective Plone Finder is not to be used as a standalone product. But, in this second screen cast and for demonstration purpose, we use it in a full browser screen just to show you the different potential uses. Look at the address bar where you can pass some params in querystring.

More information about this package can be found here :

This product is not complete (need more documentation, unit tests, some refactorisation, and some ajax popup functions are not finished at this time, 1.0.0), but i released it because it was an important part of my third autumn Plone production « CKEditor for Plone », see the next post.

I know that many documentation is missing, free time is too short, so if you need to integrate quickly CPF features in your own widget, at this time the better way is to read the code (really easy to understand, it’s Python + Plone,  a devel dream). In future i hope  many good evolutions will came with Plone4 new energy.


Written by macadames

24, septembre 2010 à 11:05

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