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Resizing and cropping thumbnails with jquery

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Resizing and cropping images with jquery

Sometimes, we need images with fixed dimensions (carousels, photo albums …), but all images don’t have the good dimensions or good ratio height /width.

This little jquery script will help you for this usecase.

In this example we will fix the dimension and position of thumbnails placed in blocks using the class « imageContainer ». « imageContainer » have a fixed width and height (in this example 250px/150px). The size of thumbs will be increased or reduced, and the thumb will be moved inside its container to get a centered cropping. Of course images and its containers must have a relative position.

Your html template code looks like :

  <a class="imageContainer" href="the_link">
    <img src="the_image_src" alt="" width="450" height="300" />
  <a class="imageContainer" href="another_link">
    <img src="another_image_src" alt="" width="200" height="100" />

In your css, you must fix at least :

.imageContainer img {
  position: relative;

.imageContainer {
  width: 250px;
  height: 150px;
  overflow: hidden;
  border: 1px solid grey;

The javascript code is simple :

var canImproveResolution = false;

thumbResize = function(thumb, min_width, min_height, orientation) {
    twidth = jQuery(thumb).width();
    theight = jQuery(thumb).height();
    new_height = theight;
    new_width = twidth;
    // strange 1px bug on MSIE
    if (jQuery.browser.msie) {
        min_width = min_width+1;
        min_height = min_height+1;
    //calculate the good size
    if (orientation=='landscape') {
        ratio = min_width/min_height;
        tratio = twidth/theight;
        if (tratio>ratio) {
            new_height = min_height;
            new_width = parseInt(new_height*tratio);
        else {
            new_width = min_width;
            new_height = parseInt(new_width/tratio);
    else {
        ratio = min_height/min_width;
        tratio = theight/twidth;
        if (tratio>ratio) {
            new_width = min_width;
            new_height = parseInt(new_width*tratio);
        else {
            new_height = min_height;
            new_width = parseInt(new_height/tratio);

    // resize thumb
    if (theight!=new_height || twidth!=new_width) {
    // adjust position (vertical and horizontal centering for css cropping)
    if (new_width > min_width) {
        moveleft = parseInt((new_width-min_width)/2);
        jQuery(thumb).css('left', '-'+moveleft+'px');
    if (new_height > min_height) {
        movetop = parseInt((new_height-min_height)/2);
        jQuery(thumb).css('top', '-'+movetop+'px');
    // improve resolution
    if (canImproveResolution && (new_width > twidth || new_height > theight)) improveResolution(thumb);

resizeThumbs = function(thumbs, min_width, min_height) {
    orientation = (min_height > min_width) ? 'portrait' : 'landscape';
    // hide images before resizing to avoid bad visual effect
    thumbs.each( function() {
            jQuery(this).css('visibility', 'hidden');
    // use window.load because on document.ready images are not always loaded
    jQuery(window).load(function() {
        thumbs.each( function() {
            thumbResize(this, min_width, min_height, orientation );
            jQuery(this).css('visibility', 'visible');

// change image src for a better resolution
// this is just an example for Plone, adapt it with
// your own sizes rules

improveResolution = function(img) {
    img_src = img.src;
    img_src = img_src.replace(/\/image_preview/gi, '/image');
    img_src = img_src.replace(/\/image_mini/gi, '/image_preview');
    img_src = img_src.replace(/\/image_thumb/gi, '/image_mini');
    img.src = img_src;

For Plone users, there is a small improvement, if you fix the variable :

canImproveResolution = true;

you will get a better resolution when increasing image size  (works only with standard plone image thumb sizes …).

At last launch the script for the wanted thumbnails :

  resizeThumbs(jQuery('.imageContainer img'), 250, 150)});

Written by macadames

4, mars 2010 à 12:18

3 Réponses

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  1. script certified ISO-1664
    for more information :🙂


    5, mars 2010 at 11:16

  2. an example?


    9, février 2012 at 7:36

    • I can’t publish javascript demos on this blog.

      Just copy paste the html, css and javascript codes in your own pages.


      10, février 2012 at 11:07

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