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The power of Deliverance and PyQuery

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Some times ago i made a new skin for the French-speaking PYthon Association (AFPY) web site, using Deliverance and PyQuery. I made this exercice on my free time with many pleasure.

You can see the Deliverance power here :

The home page without Deliverance, the same using Deliverance proxy : all dynamic contents are taken from original Plone site, try to find it, you will notice the Deliverance + PyQuery magic in action 🙂

The association pages without Deliverance (a sphinx site), the same contents injected in the site with Deliverance

Thanks to Gaël Pasgrimaud, a friend of mine and coworker, for his big work which really help me :

Here, we use a specific Gael’s buildout and a specific package done for our Deliverance projects used at Ingeniweb, our company. With these tools (if some people are interested in, it could be released on pypi, tell us …), we get the best flexibility for Deliverance :

  • PyQuery integration
  • The good base rules for Deliverance to avoid theming bugs with Ajax and HTML editor (*)
  • Dynamic css : css are mako templates served by a skin server, colors fonts and other properties are set in a « .ini » file
  • A base mako css for Plone which permits to start the work of externalize the entire css :
    in our projects, all portal_css content links from Plone are stripped when the Plone site is called through Deliverance (just add a condition for Plone stylesheets in portal_css : python:request.HTTP_HOST in request.SERVER_URL), the final css is lighter, the Deliverance css is really clean without many ‘!important’ bad overloads)
  • Supervisor deamon to control skin servers
  • We can use eggs for our Deliverance skins.

(*) to get real wysiwyg rendering in Plone behind Deliverance ‘s  HTML editor areas, use also FCKeditor.Plone 2.6.4, in FCKeditor control panel you will find the way to inject Deliverance css in wysiwyg area, it’s an important feature for end users.

Now i can take my summer holidays in peace with myself 🙂


Written by macadames

1, août 2009 à 1:13

8 Réponses

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  1. Great work !

    But you need to add at /irclogs before vacations ;p


    1, août 2009 at 7:59

  2. hahaha mortel !!! tu t’es pas fait opérer au moins ?


    1, août 2009 at 9:19

  3. Hello Jean-mathieu,

    Great post. I for one would be keen on seeing the custom Deliverance package you guys have created. The custom CSS sounds really helpful!

    Thanks again,

    Tim Knapp

    2, août 2009 at 1:50

  4. « it could be released on pypi, tell us …), » It would be great, please!

    Pablo Caro

    3, août 2009 at 10:34

  5. Yes we will release it at the end of August (after holidays) be patient guys 🙂


    3, août 2009 at 5:06

  6. I think the package need a few improvements before a release.

    What I like to have is the capability to « compil » css/js templates and serve them as static files in production mode.

    Btw, maybe we can move it on a public repository if you guys find it helpful as this.


    3, août 2009 at 7:51

  7. @Gawel: yes please. I’m currently working on a Deliverance presentation where I’d love to include some of your PyQuery work as an example but can’t quite work out how to create the package that includes the PyQuery stuff, specifically the initialisation of middleware stuff – what should this look like?

    Tim Knapp

    4, août 2009 at 4:20

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